Individual Students

Elizabeth’s Training Suggestions for Individuals

Whether you are…

  • New to compliance,
  • Looking to add to your knowledge,
  • Needing continuing education OR
  • Want to become compliance certified

Elizabeth has created specified plans to help you reach your goals!

If you are new to Tax Credit compliance…

Starting out in this industry can be daunting especially when it comes to choosing training. The key to your success is gaining a solid footing and to do that you must master the fundamentals, which typically means, you must master site compliance. Even if you are not going to work day-to-day with applicants and residents, understanding the eligibility rules and fundamental compliance is the key to gaining that solid footing! I have bundled together my core courses into the Site Course Package Plan that will teach these fundamentals. This package will walk you through everything you need to master the fundamentals and includes 5 core courses, a compliance assessment to help prepare your mind for what it must master, and 2 tools to help you understand how and prepare to become certified in compliance… whether now or sometime in the future. The Site Course Package Plan includes…

  • Getting Started with the Course Package Plan & Compliance Assessment
  • Fair Housing 101: A Fair Housing Primer
  • Housing Credits 101: Compliance Basics
  • Housing Credits 103: Income & Assets
  • Housing Credits 204: Unique Program Rules
  • Housing Credits 245: Site Compliance Specialist
  • What’s Next… How to Get Certified
  • Site Compliance PRACTICE Exam

Price: $799
Plus 3 additional pricing options allowing you to add additional tools to the Site Compliance Package Plan if needed.


But I also understand that you may not have the time, inclination, budget or supervisory approval to take a bundle of courses. Usually when you start something new that is as big as the Tax Credit Program, it is best to start out slowly and determine if this is a good career choice. Yet, you still need to master the basics to make a sound determination as to whether this industry is for you. I suggest you begin by taking Housing Credits 101: Compliance Basics giving you a broad overview of how the program works and then, when ready, move through our Course Catalog by course number which means taking Housing Credits 103: Income & Assets, Housing Credits 204: Unique Program Rules, and Housing Credits 245: Site Compliance Specialist.

(This link takes you to the Course Catalog where you can add your selected courses to the shopping cart.)

If you are looking to add to your existing knowledge…

If you have been in the industry for a while or are returning to it after an absence, it may be difficult to know what you should do for education… or for that matter… if you even need more education. Of course, I am a firm believer, in taking courses on a regular basis to keep refreshed and current, but beyond that, determining what courses you should take to ADD to your education is important.

To help you make this decision, I have created a special tool called the Compliance Assessment which will pinpoint exactly where your current knowledge is at as compared to the Industry Proficiency Standards! By completing this assessment, you will determine what, IF ANY, courses you need to take next to bolster your education. After you complete this assessment, compare your scores to the Industry Proficiency Chart on Tax Credit Compliance and find out how you stand. Then, take the indicated courses suggested to you based on your score! It is simple, effective and wastes no time having you repeat subjects you have already mastered! Now please understand, the Compliance Assessment is not a course in itself, rather an assessment of your current knowledge ascertained by having you answer a series of progressive harder compliance related questions. Don’t worry about your results. This is for your personal use only and no one will see how you did. It is just a tool to help you determine what you know and what you need to learn yet.


If you need continuing education credits…

Most State Monitoring Agencies as well as many supervisors, owners and investor of the properties you work with, require you to obtain continuing education so they have some comfort you are keeping up with the constant changes to this program.

All of our Housing Credit Training Center courses are approved for continuing education by the State Monitoring Agencies across the nation as well as for all the major industry designations including our NCP & NCP-E, the Home Builder’s HCCP, Spectrum Seminar’s C3P, SHCM, NCHM’s TCC and Quadel’s TaCCs. After you complete any of our courses, you can immediately print out your Certificate of Completion that details the CEUs earned and the date in which you completed the course.

(This link takes you to the Course Catalog where you can add your selected courses to the shopping cart.)

If you want to become Compliance Certified…

The longer you stay in this industry, the higher the likelihood is you will be required to or want to become certified in compliance. Whereas it is a normal career path choice and often a company requirement, before you jump into the certification process, you need to learn a little more about becoming certified and what that exactly means. Sometimes, it simply means you must take education each year to “certify” your existing knowledge. Other times it means earning a full-blown designation.

We offer 3 different nationally recognized compliance certifications…

  • Compliance Diploma
  • Site Compliance Specialist (SCS)
  • National Compliance Professional (NCP or NCP-E)

The steps for earning each are different and the decision to earn one over another (or all 3 for that matter) is based on your position and career goals. Click on the link below to learn more about this process and to help you determine which designation is best for you.

to learn more about becoming certified in compliance.

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