2019 NCP Conference Was a Success!!

On October 16 & 17, affordable housing professionals from all over the country descended Naples, FL to attend the 16th Annual National Compliance Professional ConferenceWe came together to learn the latest industry news, brainstorm & problem-solve some of the most tricky compliance and management issues, and solidify lasting relationships with their peers in all walks of affordable housing.

Keeping this year’s theme… Geeks Talking… Compliance, Property Management & Affordable Housing… in mind, we tackled several important topics including:

  • The hottest issues, latest news and opinions in affordable housing including an update to the happenings on the Hill plus the newest legislation and proposals affecting our industry.
  • The new income averaging minimum set-aside option including a discussion on how the different state HFAs are implementing, working with your investor and setting up operations to monitor it successfully.
  • Practical & tested strategies for working with your investors on acquisition/rehabs and resyndicated deals including how to communicate effectively, understanding their expectations on credit delivery and working with them to resolve issues.
  • The HUD 811 and Housing Trust Fund programs and their effect on Housing Credit properties when used as funding sources.
  • HUD Utility Schedule Model or HUSM and how to make it work for you when determining your utility allowances.
  • Plus 2 fantastic fair housing sessions that really helped us hone in on effective ways to teach your staff members about this important subject and how to set up operations for success!

I want to give a big shout out to this year’s conference sponsors. Without these companies, I could not make this event so incredibly fantastic, bring in the caliber of speakers I do or provide as much networking time! Thank you so much!


Equally, I want to give a shout out to my NCP Board of Advisors as your help creating the agenda, selecting speakers and the all-around support you provide me is amazing and invaluable!! I have enjoyed working with you the past 3 years.


In an effort save a few trees, this year the conference materials were placed online at the NCP Professional Development Center as Lesson #10: 2019 NCP Conference. The NCP Professional Development Center is an advanced training center located at the Housing Credit Training Center. If you are a…

  • Current NCP that renewed or joined at the Silver or Gold level in 2019, your subscription to this Center is included so you already have access. If you misplaced your User Name or Password, please contact Bobbi at [email protected].
  • If you attended the 2019 NCP Conference and are either an NCP at the Regular level or a non-NCP, your access to the NCP Professional Development Center was included with your registration.
  • If neither of the above bullet points pertain to you, you will need to subscribe to this advanced learning center to obtain access. Not only will this give you access to all of the 2019 NCP Conference materials but it will give you access to the other lessons and Special Reports. To learn more about the NCP Professional Development Center, click here.

Conference items contained online in Lesson #10 include…

  • Session #1: News from the Hill and Beyond
    • Legislation & Regulations
      • Final Utility Allowance Regulations – February 2019
      • PIH 2019-02/H-2019-04: Standardization of REAC Inspection Notification Timeframes
      • Revenue Procedure 2019-17: Veteran’s Housing & General Public Use Clarification
      • Executive Order Fact Sheet: Eliminating Barriers to Affordable Housing
      • PIH 2019-09/H-2019-06: Treatment of ABLE Accounts in HUD-Assisted Programs
    • Proposals & Bills
      • Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act of 2019
      • HOTMA Implementation of Section 102-104
      • Housing Infrastructure Act of 2019
      • HUD Inspection Oversight Act of 2019
      • Move America Act of 2019
      • HUD Proposed Rule: Verification of Eligible Status
      • Save Affordable Housing Act of 2019
      • H.R. 1690: Safe Housing for Families Act of 2019
      • Proposed Rule: Changes to LIHC Data Collection
    • Other
      • GAO Report: HUD Should Improve Physical Inspection Process and Oversight of Inspectors
      • NCSHA Model Compliance Forms for Housing Credit Properties
  •  Session #2 & 8: Income Averaging Update & War Stories
    • Boston Capital Report: Average Income Summary by State as of September 19, 2019
  • Session #4: Preparing for the Final Compliance Monitoring Regulations
    • Final Compliance Monitoring Regulations – February 2019
    • NCSHA Memo: Comments to IRS on Final Compliance Monitoring Regulations
    • IRS Memo: Noncompliance in Common Areas and Eligible Basis
  • Session #5 & 9: Fair Housing What NOT To Do and War Stories
    • Fair and Equal Housing Act of 2019
    • Proposed Rule: HUD’s Implementation of FHA’s Disparate Impact Standard
    • Press Release: Criminal History Disparate Impact – December 2018
  • Session #6: Bonus After Hours – Utility Allowances & HUSM
    • Costello Compliance Handout: Utility Allowance Rules in Affordable Housing
  • Session #7: Working with National Housing Trust Fund (NHTF) & HUD Section 811
    • Federal Register: Housing Trust Fund Regulations
    • NHTF: Getting to Know the NHTF Regulations (PowerPoint presentation)
    • NHTF: Frequently Asked Questions – June 2017
    • NHTF: HTF Fact Sheet – March 10, 2017
    • NHTF: Tenant Selection and Protection Features
    • Housing Trust Fund Grantees
    • HUD 811 and Other HUD Housing Programs for Persons with Disabilities
    • Costello Compliance Handout: Adding HTF and 811 to LIHTC Properties


As I announced at this year’s event, I am negotiating the sale of my company as I ease into my retirement. At this time, these discussions are confidential so I am unable to discuss my plans for the 2020 NCP Conference but will announce as soon as I can. I am expecting to be able to make this announcement in March of 2020.

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