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If you are not familiar with our newsletter, The Compliance Monitor let me point out a few facts…

  • The Compliance Monitor is the tool I use to give all of the information I have collected as a Tax Credit professional, national trainer and consultant in a usable, reality based manner.
  • The Compliance Monitor is a tool for you to learn the latest that is happening in our industry including any new rule publications, the latest interpretations that are being made in the gray areas, and the best techniques that are available to allow you to do your job better, faster and with less stress.
  • The Compliance Monitor is my forum to speak with those of you who are concerned with keeping your Tax Credit properties in compliance and interested in making their job more than just a necessary evil rather an opportunity to do some good in a substantially less stressful environment!
  • And finally, The Compliance Monitor is the Tax Credit industry’s most valuable, longest running newsletter dedicated solely to the subject of Tax Credit compliance and management!
I don’t know if you know this or not but I live and breathe Tax Credits so you don’t have to!

I am a member of several Tax Credit organizations and am highly involved in those that are active and on the cutting edge. I participate in their meetings; I travel to their conferences; I listen to the gurus and the experts; and I speak up and defend the compliance and management aspects of this Program at all costs! (Trust me when I tell you that I am not always the most popular person at these meetings. Especially when I won’t let them sweep compliance under the carpet like so many want OR when I won’t just take “you can’t do that” or “that is just the way it is” as a response!)

I also spend thousands of dollars learning about Tax Credits so you don’t have to!

I travel to as many conferences that talk about Tax Credits as possible; I buy up as much reference material on the subject as I can find; I scour through Tax Credit books, newsletters, and trade magazines soaking up what the authors have to share; and I frequently visit web sites and sponsor a Tax Credit Discussion Board of my own so I can keep in touch with what is going on in the trenches.

You might ask why I tell you this.

You see, when I left property management and started training and consulting it was because I was fed up with the lack of information – real information – not rumors – not half-truths – but solid, usable REALITY BASED information!! My mission was and remains to this day to be an information gatherer that converts what I have learned into plain and useful English for those in the trenches and be the voice that wouldn’t let anyone forget just how hard it is in the trenches!

That is where my newsletter comes into play. I use this tool to provide you solid information that you can use in the Tax Credit world. Accurate information and not just my viewpoints disguised as the law of the land. Yes, I do share my opinions but I will never offer them up as anything other than my opinions! I also work hard to find competent and reliable resources for information and then share it with you in the most concise, usable way possible.

In essence, I tell you this, because through The Compliance Monitor you are getting me in your corner!

Reaching reach out and telling you what is going on including the publication of any new rules or interpretations and how you should apply them to your property and your job. To share with you the insights that my traveling around and meeting with thousands of managers, compliance specialists and other Tax Credit professionals can give. And to introduce to you techniques that can make your job easier, better and less stressful!

Recent Articles Contained in The Compliance Monitor…
  • Arriving At Your Acquisition/Rehab Property’s First Year Prorated Fraction in 3 Steps
  • The Effects of Property Damage and Casualty Loss on Our Credits
  • IRS Clarifies Proper Usage Implementation of 2013 Income Limits
  • Applying HUD’s Rent Reasonableness Rule on Voucher Holders Residing in Tax Credit Units
  • Understanding the Different Student Rule Interpretations
  • Meeting the IRS’s Due Diligence Requirements
  • Merging Fair Housing and Tax Credit Rules When Determining Eligibility
  • Controlling Noncompliance with Internal Audits
  • Fair Housing Guru Provides Suggestions For Handling Fair Housing Complaints
  • Understanding Acquisition/Rehabs
  • Dispelling the Myths of the Available Unit Rule
  • Effects of the Line 8b Election
  • A Detailed Look At An Acquisition/Rehab Rent-Up
  • Dealing with Multiple Allocations of Credits
  • Understanding the Development Side and How It Affects Compliance
  • How Do You Calculate Year-To-Date Income? That is the Question
  • Designing Efficient Compliance Operations
  • Utility Allowance and Rent Noncompliance… Questions and Clarifications
  • Charging Utilities to Employees Living in Employee Units
  • Preparing for the New Income Limits for Easy Implementation
  • Much Ado About Rents
  • Factoring In Social Security COLA Increases
Regular Features…
  • Tip of the Month
  • Update Corner
  • Compliance Coach

What Subscribers Are Saying…

“A must read for LIHTC managers. You’ll gain in-depth knowledge on issues you may have questioned – and learn about issues you may never have considered.” Karen Newsome, Vice President, Winn Management Co., Boston, MA

“I consult The Compliance Monitor for insight on the many gray areas of the Section 42 program. I save every issue.” John Perine, Property Supervisor, Herman Associates, Indianapolis, IN

“The Compliance Monitor is a very useful tool for our Asset Managers in identifying the important issues and trends in connection to the management of a LIHTC property. The TCM provides practical solutions that are presented in a concise and easy to understand format. We share this information with all of our Section 42 property managers throughout the country frequently recommend Elizabeth Moreland training.” Fred Monteiro, Managing Director, Michel Association. LTD., Boston, MA

“I am very grateful for the information I receive in The Compliance Monitor. This info comes on a timely & consistent basis. We always receive updated information on topics of major concern. I had a debate re: the issue of applicable fraction with a co-worker who managed another property the next issue of “TCM” explained the issue so well and understandable I was in shock. It was as if they knew we needed a judge to clarify.” Anne Sutton, Community Manager, California Real Estate, San Jose, CA

“The Compliance Monitor is an excellent newsletter for those involved with Tax Credit Compliance. The management of Tax Credit properties can be very confusing for those who are uneducated in the multitude of regulations involved. The Compliance Monitor newsletter gives current information that is always relevant to the reader. The information is given in a clear and concise manner which helps compliance staff understand the ever-changing rules. I would highly recommend this newsletter to anyone interested in staying on top of the Tax Credit Program.” Connie Tolley, Vice President, Occupancy & Compliance, Meridian Group, Inc., Middleton, WI

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