Practical Solutions for Managing Tax Credit Developments

The book the industry has been calling its “Compliance Bible” as it contains everything you need to know about the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program and how to manage it’s properties successfully!

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Arm Yourself for the New Era of Compliance!

The Tax Credit Program has undergone so many changes that it is truly a different program than what it was just 5 short years ago. Quite frankly, we are entering into a New Era of Compliance. Now… that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Some of the changes the Program has experienced are fantastic. Of course, not all the changes have us jumping for joy but that is the nature of the game.

BOTTOMLINE: The Program is different. Compliance is different.
And, the way in which we operate our properties must be different!

With that being said… I must ask…

  • Are you equipped to handle these changes?
  • Have you thought through how you will implement them into your operations?

These are crucial questions. I don’t know about you, but I am still trying to keep everything straight in my head and constantly find myself questioning whether I have all the nuances correct. I regularly have to look up stuff just to be sure. And… this is all I do! Unlike you… I’m not trying to manage a portfolio of properties, supervise staff, troubleshoot problems, and report to owners and investors. If I am having a hard time keeping everything straight… I can only imagine your difficulty! And that is exactly why I took the time to write this guide and keep it updated on an ongoing basis.

If you are not familiar with Practical Solutions for Managing Tax Credit Developments, I am talking about the book that the industry has been calling its “Compliance Bible” since the first version was published back in 1995. It contains everything you want and need to know about the Tax Credit Program and how to manage it successfully! And best of all… IT’S BEEN FULLY UPDATED TO INCLUDE ALL THE CHANGES we now face!

The newly updated guide contains…

  • A clear & concise explanation of each Tax Credit rule.
  • Practical techniques and tips showing you how to apply these rules at your properties.
  • Ideas for an efficient and STRESS-FREE management!

Every chapter is written in layman’s terms taking the difficult language of the Program requirements and translating them into understandable and user-friendly terms! No legalese or bureaucratic gobbledygook that only an attorney or accountant understands! And every chapter contains numerous tips and techniques that have actually been tested on-site and have been proven to work. Not only does this guide explain the rules but it then goes on to illustrate the best ways to implement procedures for handling them! Making this the perfect weapon to have on hand as you continue to work in this new Era of Compliance!

 Price: $495

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