NCP Professional Development Center

An advanced training center for experienced compliance professionals with a desire to learn the latest Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program news and improve their understanding of this complex program.

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All professionals – no matter what industry they are in – need professional development…

  • An opportunity to keep their knowledge and skills fresh,
  • A way to learn and discuss the latest information and changes in their industry, and
  • A forum for discussing these issues with their peers.
Doctors do. As do attorneys and accountants.
And so do Tax Credit professionals. 

That is where the NCP Professional Development Center comes in as it is an incredibly convenient way for hardworking Tax Credit professionals to…

  • Quickly glean the latest industry news,
  • Polish & expand their well-earned educationAND
  • Discuss difficult scenarios with their experienced peers from all over the country!

The NCP Professional Development Center is…

  • A separate advanced learning center,
  • Specifically designed for hard-working, hungry-for-information Tax Credit professionals,
  • Looking to tackle more meaty issues after mastering the fundamentals,
  • Who want to learn the latest news, discuss hot topics and expand their knowledge, AND is
  • Home for those who have mastered the fundamentals and are ready to tackle the more meaty issues.

This information is delivered to you through a series of advanced lessons comprised of…

  • Articles Elizabeth thinks are important,
  • Short courses on an important subject, OR
  • A Special Report on a hot compliance topic, AND
  • If the lesson is focused on a new rule, it will include the actual document & discuss the impact on your business!

Items are added regularly throughout the year and will be available until December 31 of the subscribing year. As new items are added, subscribers will be sent an email notification. All lessons remain available to you until December 31, so if you currently find yourself embroiled in the latest rent-up or are busy putting fires out, just note a new lesson has been posted and access it when things calm down a bit!

Currently available lessons/topics…
  • Navigating the Post Year 15 Maze… Options & Decisions
  • Tricky Income Scenarios
  • Understanding Noncompliance… What It Really Is, What To Do About It & When to Panic
  • Ensuring Your Rents are Correct… Working with Utility Allowances & Fees
  • Hot Compliance Topics Discussed at the NCP Conference
  • Designing Efficient Compliance Operations
  • Understanding the Effects of the 8609 Line 8b Election
  • Understanding Your Maintenance Team’s Role in Compliance

If you register for the NCP Professional Development Center separately, it will automatically include a 1 Year Silver Level Membership in the National Compliance Professional (NCP) Membership Group. You will begin this membership as an NCP-Candidate. Once we receive your registration, you will have immediate access to the NCP Development Center and we will send you your NCP Membership Application. Once we receive your completed application, we will process your membership and send you your NCP Membership Kit including your NCP lapel pin and certificate.

NOTE: This is not considered a Core Course and therefore not included
in the Unlimited Training Subscription or the Course Package Plan.

ALSO NOTE: This is an advanced learning center provided for
informational purposes so none of the lessons contain quizzes.

Purchase Options

  • OPTION A: Join the NCP Membership Group at the Silver or Gold level.

Become automatically enrolled in the NCP Professional Development Center for that membership year and receive the additional tools that come along with that membership level including access to the NCP Professional Development Center PLUS a 1 year subscription to our newsletter The Compliance Monitor.

It does not matter if you join at the Silver or Gold level as both come with access to the NCP Professional Development Center for the calendar year. Pick the level that best suits you and gives you the biggest bang for your buck!

Don’t worry if you are not currently a National Compliance Professional. You can still join the Group and receive access to this advanced learning center. In the beginning, you will join as an NCP-Candidate and can upgrade at no additional charge to a full-blown NCP or NCP-Executive once you meet all the requirements. You can even remain an NCP-Candidate indefinitely if you choose.

to learn more & join

  • OPTION B: Purchase a subscription to the NCP Professional Development Center all by itself.

You can also purchase a subscription to the NCP Professional Development Center separately. Includes access to all the lessons contained in the Center until December 31.

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