National Compliance Exam – Retake

RETAKE the National Compliance Exam and show the industry you are an expert in both the allocation/development & compliance/management sides of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program

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Don’t despair if you didn’t pass the National Compliance Exam the last time you took it! This is a tough exam… a very tough exam. An accomplishment that you should be very proud of when you do pass as it will show the industry you are a force to be reckoned with as you have a solid understanding in BOTH the allocation/development and compliance/management sides of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program. Something very few people can say.

You may retake this Exam anytime and as many times as needed at the discounted exam retake price. No course required but highly recommended.


No education included but we offer the following to help prepare for the exam…

Exam Details…

  • Focuses on the FEDERAL rules on BOTH the development/allocation and management/compliance sides.
  • Comprised of 70 questions separated into 7 Testable Areas
  • Once you register for the exam, you have 14 days to start it.
  • Once started, given 2.5 hours to complete.
  • To pass, score 80% or higher or answer 56+ questions correctly.
  • Results immediately available upon completion.

Credits/CEUs: 0

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