Housing Credits 505: Final 8823 Guide… Review & Analysis

Learn how the IRS defines compliance and treats noncompliance under the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program. Based on the 8823 Guide, this course examines the IRS’s 17 noncompliance categories providing you with a road map of management & compliance dos and don’ts. 

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Originally published in 2007 and updated several times since,
the 8823 Guide is an important Tax Credit industry handbook.

Based on the IRS Form 8823, which is the form State HFAs use to report noncompliance to the IRS, the Guide discusses each noncompliance category in-depth, cites examples and explains what it means to be in compliance & out of compliance as well as how to get back into compliance.

In this 3-hour course, Elizabeth walks you through this guide chapter-by-chapter discussing each of the 17 categories of noncompliance as well as how to handle building dispositions and tenant fraud explaining to you everything that is crucial to the compliance health of your Tax Credit properties!!

NOTE: This is an information course ONLY so there are no quizzes.
May download a copy of the current 8823 Guide as part of enrollment.

Credits/CEUs: 3

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