Housing Credits 445: National Compliance Professional

Designed to help you gain an extensive understanding of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program from allocation to site management and is perfect for those wanting or needing to have EXPERT status in compliance!

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This comprehensive course is designed to help you gain an extensive understanding
of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program from allocation to site management!

Designed to help you gain an extensive understanding of the Tax Credit Program from allocation to site management, this course is perfect for those wanting to become EXPERTS including supervisors, troubleshooters, compliance directors, asset managers or anyone looking to move into such positions. It is also perfect for those looking to earn one of the industry’s upper level Tax Credit designations including…

  • our National Compliance Professional or NCP,
  • the Home Builder’s HCCP, or
  • Spectrum’s C3P.

This course is NOT your typical course as it is comprised of… 17 total chapters separated into 7 lessons…

  • Lesson #1: History, Allocation & Development and Important Program Terms – How and why the program was created, way allocation & development works, the effect these processes have on operations, and a comprehensive explanation of the programs terms.
  • Lesson #2: Construction, Rent Up and Changes to Qualified Basis – The important milestones & timelines each property must meet once allocated credits as well as what occurs when changes happen.
  • Lesson #3: Eligibility Rules – Program eligibility rules including unit and income eligibility, full-time student rule, Section 8 Voucher Holders and minors.
  • Lesson #4: Certifications/Recertifications – Ins and outs of initial & adjusted certifications and annual recertifications.
  • Lesson #5: Special Rules – Unique rules including unit transfers, the Available Unit Rule and the Unit Vacancy Rule.
  • Lesson #6: Compliance Monitoring – HFAs’ role and responsibilities for compliance monitoring plus an explanation how these affect compliance and management.
  • Lesson #7: Noncompliance – Noncompliance, credit loss and recapture including how it is calculated and corrected.

AND Includes 2 bonus tools!

  • Bonus #1: What’s Next… How to Earn Your NCP Designation – 5 minute course explaining benefits entitled to after course plus explanation on how to take 1 of the industry’s 3 advanced compliance exams and how to become a National Compliance Professional (NCP).
  • Bonus #2: National Compliance Practice Exam – An opportunity to practice and determine if you are ready to take the actual National Compliance Exam which, when passed, will put you well on the way to earning your National Compliance Professional or (NCP) designation! Also a great practice exam if taking one of the other industry exams (i.e., HCCP or C3P).

Provides you the opportunity to learn the higher level program rules in stages and, if desired, prepare for the advanced industry designation exam of your choice.

The easiest and best way to become a Tax Credit expert
and prepare yourself to earn one of the industry’s advanced program designations!!

Credits/CEUs: 22

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