Housing Credits 245: Site Compliance Specialist

Learn all the rules you need to know to become a master of site compliance while preparing to earn the nationally recognized site-level designation known as the Site Compliance Specialist (SCS).

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This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know to
MASTER the responsibilities of site compliance!

The course will teach you all of the requirements that come with your site compliance responsibilities and, at the same time, prepare you to earn your Site Compliance Specialist (SCS) designation which is earned by passing the Site Compliance Exam.

This course is comprised of 5 sections walking you through the 5 key areas all site staff must understand about Tax Credit site compliance which are also the 5 Testable Areas of the Site Compliance Exam. These key areas are…

  1. Eligibility
  2. Verifications & Documentation
  3. Income Eligibility & Calculations
  4. Special Program Rules
  5. Fair Housing

When you complete the course and its section quizzes, you will be ready to tackle even the toughest site compliance scenarios and be fully prepared to earn your Site Compliance Specialist (SCS) designation!! The SCS designation is a nationally recognized industry site designation designed for those who work closely with applicants and residents, approve new move-ins and recertifications and makes crucial decisions regarding unit transfers, increases to income, and vacancies. Truly a designation for those on the front-lines!

Whether you are focusing on learning the requirements to do your job
or concentrating on earning your Site Compliance Specialist (SCS) designation
so you may show the industry that you have mastered the site compliance rules…
this course is for you!

Perfect for site managers, leasing agents, compliance specialists and their supervisors plus anyone responsible for approving or auditing compliance paperwork.

Credits/CEUs: 9

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