Housing Credits 205: Income Limits, Rents & Utility Allowances

A detailed examination on how to successfully implement HUD’s income limits, calculate your rents and determine your utility allowances on your Low Income Housing Tax Credit properties.

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We all know that our residents have to be income eligible for a Tax Credit unit and must then pay a rent amount within the program parameters. But the rules surrounding income limits and rents significantly changed in 2008 making them more confusing and difficult to implement at the same time making the noncompliance stakes that much higher.

In this 3 hour course, Elizabeth…

  • Provides a detailed explanation of the income limit, rent and utility allowance rules,
  • Shows you how to determine your property’s limits, and
  • Illustrates how to calculate these all-important numbers.

Plus, she…

  • Helps you learn the rules surrounding income limit changes, rent increases and utility allowance changes.
  • Discusses how to prepare each of your properties for the annual release of the new limits so implementation goes faster and more smoothly.

These rules are the cornerstone of compliance making this course a must for supervisors, compliance coordinators and asset managers.

Credits/CEUs: 3

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