Housing Credits 204: Unique Program Rules

Take a comprehensive look at the special rules of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program including illustration of how to apply each in the real world no matter if your Tax Credit property is 100% or mixed income.
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Oh, the rules of the Tax Credit Program…
from students to unit transfers to the Available Unit Rule…
this housing program is laden with unique and complex rules!

In this 4 hour course, Elizabeth…

  • Explains household, unit, building & project rule application.
  • Discusses how to achieve & maintain your compliance elections.
  • Addresses each of the program’s unique rules…
    • IRS Line 8b election
    • Full-time students
    • Non-transient occupancy
    • Suitable for occupancy
    • General public use
    • Intermediate care facilities
    • Resident manager’s units
    • Annual and interim recertifications
    • Available Unit Rule
    • Unit Vacancy Rule
    • Unit transfers

It also…

  • Provides a realistic illustration of how to apply each.
  • Discusses the rules for both 100% & mixed income properties.
  • Examines more restrictive state HFA rule applications.
  • Discusses what happens on blended Tax Credit properties.
  • Discusses rule violations and what the price of noncompliance is.
This course is a must for any Housing Credit professional
working on a property, supervising those that do or is responsible for compliance!

Credits/CEUs: 4

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