Fair Housing 101: A Fair Housing Primer

This course guides you through the fundamental laws of fair housing including a thorough discussion on the 7 federal protected classes and is jammed-packed with tips for avoiding complaints and violations!

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We all know how important fair housing education is and
now you can get it at the Housing Credit Training Center!

Elizabeth guides you through the maze of Fair Housing laws offering solid, practical advice that works in today’s real world! This course guides you through the fundamental laws of fair housing by discussing in-depth each of the 7 federally protected classes including what the protections are and the common mistakes made that lead to complaints and violations. Elizabeth also discusses how to avoid these pitfalls including how to set occupancy standards to ensure you are not violating familial status, how to handle accommodation and modification requests, what holiday decorations are allowable, and much, much more!

Whether you are a conventional, subsidized or affordable housing management company,
this course has what you and your team need to stay in the know
when it comes to the latest laws, precedents and mandates!

If your staff has questions about…

  • The proper handling of reasonable accommodation requests that will help you document the request is truly reasonable and necessary and follows HUD and DOJ’s latest guidelines;
  • Therapy or companion animals and whether they must be allowed;
  • What you do and don’t have to pay for when it comes to modification requests and the accessibility laws;
  • Illegal aliens and non-citizens and what the laws say about renting to them in today’s post-911 world;
  • Working with ineligible protected classes on properties with eligibility requirements;
  • Setting your occupancy standards and house rules without violating familial status;
  • Handling holiday decorations and the numerous religious traditions associated with these events;
  • Requests for the use of your common areas, club houses and community rooms for religious meetings and events;
  • The latest laws regarding linguistic profiling;
  • Your responsibilities in preventing sexual harassment now that it is part of the gender protected class;
  • How to prevent accidental steering on mixed-income affordable housing properties;
  • Giving property tours, handling incoming telephone inquiries, and property visits WITHOUT leaving your applicants with a bad taste in their mouths; and
  • Documenting compliance to these laws to protect yourself against future complaints.

Then this course is for you as it will…

  • Answer all of these questions and many, many more all while providing a sound education in the latest fair housing laws and precedents.
  • Teach in an interactive, entertaining way so learning this stuff is less dull & dry. Elizabeth has years of experience teaching students at all experience levels and understands how to keep their attention even with the driest of subjects! No falling asleep at the wheel with this one!
  • Ensure your students actually learn the information! The student must pass the Quiz contained at the end of each section to proceed to the next section so you can be CONFIDENT that when completed, the information is learned!!
  • Provide 6 continuing education units (CEUs)! The student earns 6 CEUs and can print out the Certificate of Completion immediately upon completion!

Credits/CEUs: 6

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