Certification Processing Kit

A comprehensive set of forms that will work FOR YOU not against you as you process your initial certifications & annual recertifications AS WELL AS track & monitor compliance at your Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program.

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The industry’s best tool for proving compliance
and thoroughly documenting your resident files.

Complete forms package for…

  • Processing your move-in certifications and annual recertifications.
  • Handling reasonable accommodation & modification requests.
  • Dealing with the various student rules including the Tax Credit, HOME, Section 8 and RD’s rules.
  • Maintaining your waiting & refused lists.
  • Tracking and monitoring compliance including…
    • Status & progress of lease-ups & annual recertifications
    • Unit Transfers & the Available Unit Rule
    • Staff education in fair housing & compliance
    • Project, building & unit status
  • Performing internal audits & inspections.

These forms were designed personally Elizabeth and reflect her years of practical experience in the trenches. Her forms kit helps you get & stay organized, train your new staff members and streamline your operations in a consistent manner throughout your portfolio no matter its size.

Forms Included In Package:

  • Initial Application & Recertification Questionnaire: Two simple yet comprehensive forms to determine all income, assets and other eligibility information from the applicant/resident and his household members. Each eligibility question is cross-referenced for your ease of determining the exact verification in which to have the applicant complete and/or to be sent to the third-party source. Takes all the guess-work out of the applicant interview and allows you to begin processing the paperwork immediately and on the right foot!
  • Income and Asset Verifications: A complete set of income and asset verifications including, but not limited to, an Employment, Social Security, Public Assistance, Bank, and Real Estate verifications. A total of 16 third-party verifications. Each have been thoroughly tested and proven to get results from even the slowest third-party sources.
  • Self-Affidavits: A set of self-affidavits for those types of eligibility items that only the applicant/resident can attest to. A total of 7 forms including, but not limited to: Self-employment, Zero Income, Disposed of Assets, Live In Care Attendant, Unborn Child, and Marital Status. Each of these affidavits allows you to gather the right information from the applicant and obtain the appropriate signatures.
  • Full-Time Student Forms: One of the more difficult eligibility items to verify!  This kit includes the forms you need to verify student status correctly and accurately for both Tax Credits and Section 8 properties including Tax Credit Full-time Student Self-Affidavit, Student Status Verification, Student Financial Aide Verification, Section 8 and RD Student Eligibility Self Affidavit, Section 8 Parental Independence Self-Affidavit, Section 8 Parental Income Eligibility Declaration and Certification, Section 8 Parental Absence Self-Affidavit and Parental Assistance Self-Affidavit. Also includes worksheets to help you process student eligibility on Tax Credit, Section 8 and blended properties.
  • Legal, Auditing and Inspections Forms: An easy-to-use Tenant Income Certification, Intent to Lease and Lease Addendum. Also includes File Audit Report, Unit Inspection Form, Common Area Inspection Form, Exterior Inspection Form and Move-Out Inspection Form.
  • Complete Set of Instructions: Written in plain-English detailing the best way to complete your initial move-in paperwork and annual recertifications.
  • Applicant/Resident Brochure: Explaining … in easy-to-understand terms … the Tax Credit Program. Ideal for sharing with applicants who are applying for a Tax Credit unit and are confused with the entire eligibility process! This is the same form I used when I was on site (updated a few times of course) that helped me explain the process to my applicants and helped me reduce the number of calls and question I would get from applicants regarding their application status!

Additional Forms Included:

  • Prospect Information Sheet: A complete tool to assist you in gathering the preliminary information on a Tax Credit applicant that expresses interest in your apartments. Great for documenting marketing traffic as well as making pre-qualification determinations.
  • Waiting List Application: A preliminary application for the prospective applicant. Allows you to gather enough information to run your background checks and determine if the applicant is a candidate for the waiting list.
  • Building Lease-Up Status Report: Rent up can be grueling. Plus you usually have a million and one reports to complete. The form that will allow you to accurately and precisely track each building’s lease-up and determine the month-end fraction on a building by building basis.
  • Project Qualified Occupancy Report: At any given time, you can be expected to complete a report detailing the projects overall occupancy and each building’s applicable fraction. Now, you have the form that will help keep track of this information and make it reportable to even the pickiest auditor.
  • Unit Inspection Report: Gotta do ‘em. But now you have a form that will assist you in completing and documenting them.
  • File Audit Report: Again, a necessary evil. But now you have a form that tells you what to look for so you can pre-audit your files like a real professional!!
  • Verification Tickler: No more sending your verifications out into Never-Never Land hoping they will return. This form allows you to document and track the status of all of your verifications and to ensure you have all required forms BEFORE you begin processing the certification/recertification.
  • Tenant Certification Summary: Many of your resident’s will stay with you for years. This means multiple recertifications. In an effort to summarize the household’s eligibility status each and every year, this form allows you to jot down the most pertinent information so it can be reviewed at a glance. No more shuffling through the entire file to answer simple questions or to review the resident’s eligibility history!
  • Income Worksheet: Completing the Tenant Income Certifications can be challenging. Especially if you MUST use a State Agency form! But with the Income Worksheet, you can determine income eligibility quickly and accurately and then use this information to transfer it to even the vilest of Tenant Income Certification forms!
  • Transfer Worksheet: Unit transfers are always popping up on your property. With this simple form, you can be sure to document the actions you took, the unit numbers involved and the eligibility information. This form makes even the trickiest transfers easy!
  • Reasonable Accommodation/Modification Verification Forms: Several new forms to help you with your fair housing responsibilities including a Reasonable Accommodation/Modification Request Form and a Reasonable Accommodation/ Modification Verification Form – allowing you to document the entire process.
  • Education Tracking Form: Maintain a history of all your staff members and their classroom attendance for fair housing, Tax Credit, HUD and any other programs in which they need to have continuing education.
  • NCSHA’s Best Practices Forms: We’ve added all the Best Practices forms created by the National Council for State Housing Agencies and frequently implemented by the State Monitoring Agencies from across the country.
  • Recertification Notification Letters: Series of letters you can use to notify your residents of their upcoming annual recertifications reminding them of their cooperation responsibilities.
  • Student Eligibility Worksheets: Whether following the Section 8 or RD’s student rule, the Tax Credit Program’s full-time student rule or both, we have the worksheets that will walk you through the maze of these complex rules allowing you to determine student eligibility and document compliance!

The Certification Processing Kit includes:

Electronic Version of Each Form & License: A CD-Rom containing all the files used to create the forms and the PDF files of each form for easy cross-platform printing PLUS a license to reproduce and change forms for company-specific use.


Price: $395 ♦ Add to Cart


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