2019 NCP Conference SOLD OUT

I must inform you that as of this week, the 2019 NCP Conference is SOLD OUT. At this point in time, we are maintaining a waiting list.

As I have indicated many times, I do not run my conferences like most. Rather I like to limit the attendees so that everyone in attendance can get maximum benefit and having a room full of hundreds and hundreds of people does not allow this to be accomplished.

If you are interested in attending, email our Event Coordinator, Bobbi Bergemann via her email — [email protected] — and get placed on the waiting list.

However, It is not unusual for cancellations to occur as registered attendee’s schedules get shifted which is the reason we have decided to maintain a Registration Waiting List. Bobbi will maintain this list from now until the Conference and will place interested attendees on it in the order they contacted her. As cancellations occur, she will contact these individuals in waiting list order to determine if they would like the seat and to complete their registration. There is no charge to be placed on the waiting list. Also note, we have closed done the online shopping cart for this event. 

Although we cannot guarantee you will get a seat if placed on the waiting list,
in our experience, there is a high likelihood of it occurring

BUT only if you get on the list! 

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