Senate Introduces Its Version of Tax Reform Legislation

On November 10, the Senate Finance Committee introduced its version of tax reform retaining the 4% and 9% Tax Credits and tax-exempt multifamily private activity bonds. It also preserves the 2018-2019 authorized NMTC allocation rounds. Other things the Senate bill includes: Repeal of the 10% non-historic rehabilitation tax credit (HTC) Reduction of the 20% HTC to 10%. […]

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House Introduces Tax Reform Bill

Earlier this month, the House introduced the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The bill proposes to reduce the future supply of affordable rental housing by nearly 1 million units and features a set of changes that would negatively affect the number of Tax Credit units built or rehabbed as it includes the elimination of private activity […]

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Elizabeth Announces Her Retirement

Now that the 2017 NCP Conference has come and gone, I wanted to take a moment to fill you in on an announcement I made at this year’s event. I am retiring in 2020. But don’t worry. I will be working hard these next 3 years and will be making announcements as we progress towards […]

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