Train Your ENTIRE Staff For Less Than What It Would Normally Cost To Train 1 or 2

The Unlimited Training Subscription to our Housing Credit Training Center is a revolutionary training system that puts an end to the frustrations of providing compliance training to your staff that is meaningful, relevant, convenient and most of all… EFFECTIVE!

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The Unlimited Training Subscription provides your company…

  • UNLIMITED access for UNLIMITED employees to all our online courses.
    • Normally you would spend between $149 and $299 per class which can really add up.
    • Plus you have to pay each time you want to enroll someone.
    • But with this subscription, you get everything on an unlimited basis for your entire staff including new hires.
  • The Automatic Staff Training System FREE which makes implementation beautiful!
    • Quite simply it is so beautiful because we do the work for you!
    • Simply make your staff members Registered Users & we take over.
    • Implementing Elizabeth’s years of training experience to train your staff!
    • Systematically putting your students in a series of training steps.
    • Enrolling them in selected courses in the proper sequence to maximize their learning.
    • These first courses provide a full understanding of the site compliance requirements.
    • Plus prepares them to pass the Site Compliance Exam.
    • Putting them in the position to earn 2 designations…
      • The Site Compliance Specialists (SCS) and
      • The National Compliance Professionals (NCP).
  • Your company also is given…
    • UNLIMITED access to the Center’s advanced courses,
    • The online newsletter archive,
    • The Compliance Assessment, and
    • Any new courses added during your subscription.
  • Plus you are provided…
    • ADMINISTRATOR access allowing CONTROL over enrollments as you see fit.
    • ACCESS to the reporting & tracking functions for monitoring & documenting training history.
Resulting in a truly COMPLIANCE CONFIDENT team!!

This is just what we need….the ability to either learn what we need to be successful in this industry or for some to continue their tax credit training. Two thumbs up Elizabeth…ingenious!”  Tondi Cisneros, Hyder and Company

The Housing Credit Training Center’s Unlimited Training Subscription has been the right answer for our organization for a number of reasons. With a larger staff, it has been a huge cost savings as opposed to the costs associated with travel.  Also, since the one time annual fee allowed for unlimited use, we were able to offer the cost not only to new staff, but also to veteran staff in need of a refresher as well as other agency staff looking to expand their understanding of other agency functions.  Staff also commented on the fact that they were able to work at their own pace as opposed to leaving their work stations for days at a time. Susan Kuegel, Vermont State Housing Authority

The subscription to the Housing Credit Training Center is a very valuable resource. With 24/7 availability and unlimited access, it allows us the opportunity to immediately train our new hires without having to wait for a scheduled training. Gina Metzger, Director of Compliance, Fairfield Properties, LP

If the system is used to its fullest, it will result in each staff member…

  • Fully understanding the site compliance responsibilities which instills Compliance Confidence;
  • Earning enough credits to be awarded their Compliance Diploma; and
  • Being prepared to pass the Site Compliance Exam which bestows them with the Site Compliance Specialist (SCS) designation.
  • Having completed the National Compliance Professional’s Education Requirement with only an Experience Requirement left!
  • Plus, if they take HC445: National Compliance Professional they will be prepared for any of the industry’s advanced exams.
    • Our National Compliance Exam,
    • The Home Builder’s HCCP test, or
    • Spectrum Seminar’s C3P test.
Not only will you have well-educated team members
but you can give them all the ability to earn 3 important industry designations!

When our company first subscribed to the Housing Credit Training Center, I was not too sure I would have the time to use it. However, after I started my first course, I knew, not only was it far easier to use than I ever imagined as you can stop at any time and resume when where you left off the next time you can, which is great in this crazy business we work in.  The online training is so easy I received my SCS in just a few weeks.  I highly recommend it not only for the corporate level, but also at a site level.  It is much easier to jump on a computer than to go to an off-site seminar!  Debby Nichols, CAM, SCS, Cambridge Management Services, Inc.

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The Benefits Are Numerous
  • The FIRST of which is obvious… UNLIMITED TRAINING! No limits!

So go for it!
If some months you need to register your whole staff and
the next you only have 1 or 2 students… that is fine!


No more guessing how much you will need to budget for your training needs
even if it turns out your training needs substantially increased from what you thought!
With the Unlimited Training Subscription the price remains the SAME…
whether you train 1 or 100!

  •  And the THIRD is the FLEXIBILITY in scheduling the training!

Register your people as you feel they are ready.
Have them repeat classes if you feel that is important.
Base your training decisions on the individual student’s ability and schedule,
not because a seminar is coming to town on a specific day or
because there is a price special that expires at the end of the month.
Train your staff like you have always wanted to!!

I want to take a moment from our busy schedules to let you know how thrilled I am with your training website and your courses! I have had many ‘kudos’ sent to me from our employees! By the way – we have all new Senior Management here at Mercy and they love your product! Thank you very much! Donna L Saunders, Training Director, Mercy Services

I just took your classes over the internet. I forgot how good they really are. I know the people in our company who are going to take these in the next few months will really benefit from it. Thank you! Lisa Rosenmeyer, NCP-E, HCCP, C7P, SCS, Compliance Supervisor, Professional Property Management

I love your courses! I am having my managers go through them as well and they have been a BIG hit. Believe it or not this has even woke the Owner and CFO up on how important it is to have good compliance and they are beginning to see what all it entails. These are such great courses…my hat goes off to you on your classes and the information you present. Jett Woodwick, CPO, Director of Compliance, Standard Enterprises

The online training has provided my staff with a convenient, cost effective training venue. There is no traveling; they can do the coursework at their own speed and best of all it is a comprehensive course that keeps simple a convoluted program. Beth Janney, Senior Regional Manager — Northeast, Wilder Richmond Management Company, Inc., 

How It Works… the beauty is in its simplicity! 
  • When you subscribe to the Unlimited Training Subscription, you will assign a staff person to be a Group Administrator of your account. And because we understand that your company may be very large or spread across multiple regions, you can have multiple Group Administrators if desired.
  • The Group Administrator is then given administrator access to the Housing Credit Training Center and can set up team members as Registered Users. This administrator has the choice of making the entire staff Registered Users all at once or just a few at a time – whatever best meets your company’s current situation.
  • Once your team members are made Registered Users, the Group Administrator will have complete control over which classes they should be enrolled in and whether they should be given access to The Compliance Monitor – Online Article Archive.
  • The Group Administrator also has the ability to choose if the company would like to take advantage of the Automatic Training System or would prefer to design his or her own training plan. Plus, if you have a large staff with varying levels of education, you can split your students into groups… with some using the Automatic Training System and with others only being registered for specified classes the Group Administrator has identified are the most important.
  • The Group Administrator can then monitor and print reports on each student’s progress including viewing quiz results so a specific training plan can be designed that works for each individual team member!
  • The system is designed to automatically send the students emails when they have been enrolled in a class, expired classes have been extended, courses are about to expire, etc. Plus the Group Administrator can use the Communication Tools to contact the students quickly and easily!
  • And finally, as your company hires new employees, they can be made Registered Users and be enrolled in courses or if you have people who leave your company, the Group Administrator can de-activate their account with just a few mouse clicks. So simple!

Please Note: The Group Administrator will also be given access to the a specially designed course that will walk him or her through the entire process of being a Group Administrator which includes printable reference materials for future reference and a Quick Start Guide to get the process rolling quickly and efficiently! Plus… we are always here for you if you have any questions, comments or technical difficulties! 

Give It A Try… Test It Out With Our Turbo Charged No Risk Guarantee!

The current pay-per-view price ranges from $249 to $299 per person. And the two Course Package Plans are $799. But, with an Unlimited Training Subscription, your company will pay ONLY $7995 for a full year of access to all the core courses and the online newsletter archive!! Plus we have monthly payment options!

I want you to truly grasp what this will mean to your company… for just $699 a month… less than $8400 per year… you can have each and every one of your staff members:

  • Receive a full array of classes resulting in them KNOWING the site and advanced compliance rules;
  • Be fully prepared to pass the Site Compliance Exam earning their Site Compliance Specialist designation;
  • Be awarded their Compliance Diploma; and
  • Eligible for the National Compliance Professional designation as soon the 6 months Experience Requirement is met!!
Now at this point, I can imagine you may be feeling a little skeptical. 

Maybe even thinking that training your staff couldn’t really be that painless. Doubtful that quality training could really be that readily available. Questioning that you could really get all that information and industry accolades and designations for so little. You may even be having a little voice in your head saying… “Okay, but are these online courses any good? And even if they are, my staff is so busy I can’t imagine I’ll ever use enough courses to make the Unlimited Training Group Subscription feasible? I mean, c’mon, compliance training has always been hard to come by… this can’t possibly work… can it?” 

So, I’m going to give you an opportunity to silence that little voice
and let you experience everything the
Unlimited Training Subscription has to offer…


You see, I know that once you and your staff try the Housing Credit Training Center’s Unlimited Training Subscription and realize the beauty of having the courses available to you on an unlimited basis, your whole idea of training will change… DRASTICALLY and thereby drastically solving one of the most nagging problems you face in this industry! Sooo… I am going to let you test drive the Unlimited Training Subscription so you can determine if these training tools are right for your company! But not just a normal test drive…. rather a TURBO CHARGED NO RISK TEST DRIVE!! Here’s how it works…

Subscribe today and test drive your unlimited subscription for up to 60 days.

During this 60 days, if you find that you don’t like it… haven’t used it… or just plain want to stop, we will void your Subscription Agreement right then and there, AND send back all of the money you have paid in… giving you an opportunity to check it out ABSOLUTELY FREE!

So… start your engines

and find out why so many of your industry peers say the Unlimited Training Subscription has REVOLUTIONIZED the way they get their staff trained in compliance!

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