Course Features

Each course designed, created and taught by the industry’s leading compliance & management expert, Elizabeth Moreland, so you can have the confidence in knowing the information is correct, up-to-date and understandable! The courses are easy to understand and taught in Elizabeth’s unique and unmatched training style she has become famous for!

Each course…
  • Taught in a straightforward, plain-English manner, without cumbersome legalese language, so you don’t have to have a dictionary right next to you to understand.
  • Contains Elizabeth’s real-life stories and experiences that help drive the point home and assist you in relating to the concepts being taught.
  • Uses multiple teaching techniques so you are not just relying on hearing what she is saying but are also visualizing her concepts through the use of illustrations thereby getting hands-on experience.
  • Facilitates this whole experience with incredible reference materials so you can follow along easily and more importantly, refer to when applying the information in your day-to-day working life!

The courses were carefully crafted to ensure the information is actually understood. It doesn’t do anybody any good, except waste a lot of time, to take a course only to complete it and be confused.

So, each course includes…
  • Self-paced control so you can proceed at your own pace, take notes freely and repeat information as needed.
  • Numerous examples and illustrations teaching you the concepts to ensure you can grasp the ideas.
  • Anticipation and discussion of the commonly asked questions as normally heard in an interactive setting so your questions automatically get answered as you are learning.
  • Quizzes after each section so you can test yourself and ensure you grasped the information.
  • And, the ability to print out your Certification of Completion as soon as the course is completed clearly indicating your completion date and number of continuing education credits you just earned!

The Housing Credit Training Center also factors in the chaotic nature of the job and the real-world of property management. No two days are ever alike in this business and there is no such thing as a “typical” day, so, when creating the functionality of the Housing Credit Training Center, Elizabeth concentrated on this fact.

Courses include the ability for you to…
  • Stop and start a course as needed because interruptions are common plus… when you return to your course, you will be taken right back to the place you left off!
  • Take multiple courses at the same time as it is not unheard of to have to suddenly learn a specific concept or about a specific area of compliance while in the middle of another course.
  • Take the course or courses you have signed up for over an ample period of time because Elizabeth understands that the best laid plans can be delayed due to unexpected emergencies, changes in staff and/or workload causing you to have to put your training on hold for a bit!

All courses have been approved by the State Monitoring Agencies across the country with many of the agency staffers taking the courses themselves to help them improve their understanding of this complex program! Plus all courses are approved for approved for continuing education credits of the major compliance designations.

Approved for following compliance designation…
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