Automatic Training System

The Housing Credit Training Center is Truly a Revolutionary Way to Get Tax Credit Training…

and Now It is Even Better with
our FREE Automatic Staff Training System!!!

The Housing Credit Training Center is truly a great avenue for receiving Tax Credit compliance BUT quite honestly you also need a plan of attack! First, you need to determine which courses to take. If you are training an entire staff, this has to be done for each individual that is based on each individual’s current knowledge level, their job responsibilities, their growth potential and their current workload. You also need to sit down with each individual’s supervisor to create a realistic plan and then put each into motion. And finally, you need to regularly review each individual’s plan and tweak it based on workload shifts and career path direction changes…

Yeah right!

I said the Housing Credit Training Center was revolutionary NOT that it was going to cause you to revolt! You have more than enough on your plate making the likelihood this will happen practically zero!

But don’t throw the towel in…
‘cuz we’ve done the work for you!

Why would we go to this trouble? Well, because honestly the better the implementation of the Housing Credit Training Center goes for you, the better it is for us! Plus… that is what we do — design and implement training — so we have taken our years of experience and created an Automatic Staff Training System and incorporated right into your enrollments… whether you are registering yourself for all the classes or an entire staff!!

Sure, you can simply register yourself or your staff in all of the courses at the Training Center. Its quick and easy, BBBBUUUUTTTTT… is that really the best way to go? Quite honestly by taking this approach you seriously run the risk of being overwhelmed or if you do this to your staff you will just alienate them! Not a good thing!

But with the Automatic Staff Training System you can automatically take the classes or enroll your staff and let us take over from there! There are 2 ways to take part…

  • Simply subscribe to the Unlimited Training Subscription which gives you UNLIMITED access to all of the core courses at the Housing Credit Training Center for your entire staff for 1 year and includes the Automatic Staff Training System FREE!! CLICK HERE for more details.


  • If you don’t have enough people to justify becoming a subscriber, simply enroll the people who do need training in the Site Course Package Plan and we will include the Automatic Staff Training System ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! Normally to register for all the courses contained in this bundle, the price would be $1,393. But if you take advantage of our Site Course Package Plan, your price is only $799. CLICK HERE for more details.

By taking part in the Automatic Staff Training System, you will systematically be enrolled in the courses in their proper order which will maximize your learning experience and give you an incredible education in site level compliance.

How the Automatic Training System Works

Once logged in, you will see the first courses in which you are given access. As you complete courses, the Automatic Training System, will add the next course to your dashboard page giving you access to it. This will continue until all courses are completed. The training steps are as follows:

  • Training Step #1

    • First you will be enrolled in a Getting Started course — a quick, 10-minute course introducing you to your Course Package Plan or the Unlimited Training Subscription.

    • This course includes a pre-assessment test, that once completed reveals your current compliance knowledge level and familiarizes you with the concepts and rules you must master to successfully operate your properties.

  • Training Step #2

    • Once the first training step is completed, you will be automatically enrolled in Housing Credits 101: Compliance Basics which is an introductory course (approximately 3 hours) giving you a broad stroke overview of the Tax Credit Program and its compliance rules.

    • At the same time, you will be enrolled in Fair Housing 101: A Fair Housing Primer which is a sound look at the federal fair housing laws & protected classes.

    • Doesn’t matter which course you take first but both must be completed to move on to the next training step.
  • Other Steps

    • Additional classes opened as you complete their prerequisites as follows:
      • After complete both Housing Credits 101 and Fair Housing 101, Housing Credits 103: Income & Assets opened.
      • After complete Housing Credits 103, Housing Credits 204: Special Program Rules opened.
      • After completing Housing Credits 204, Housing Credits 245: Site Compliance Specialist opened.
      • After completing Housing Credits 245, What’s Next… How to Get Certified and the Site Compliance PRACTICE Exam opened.

Each course expires 21 days after it has been made accessible to you. However as we understand how crazy life can get, if you find yourself needing more time, it’s NO PROBLEM! Simply contact us at [email protected] and we will provide an extension!

So what are you waiting for?? 

Sign up for the Unlimited Training Subscription
the Site Course Package Plan
and put your staff on the path to success!!

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