12 Reasons to Take a Course at the Housing Credit Training Center

  • It’s Convenient! 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Heck, it is even available on the holidays if you so choose!

This is great. Easy, convenient, fast….and we won’t be paying for mileage or hotel costs! — Teri Hoerntlein, So. California Housing, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

  •  No Traveling or Traveling Expenses! Just sit back in the comfort of your own office or home and forget about racking up expensive hotel bills and airfare or driving hours to get to a public workshop.

The notion that travel to a major city for classroom training is too expensive for my properties is no longer a valid reason to not send all property staff to training. Send them to class in cyberspace! I went, and it didn’t cost anything for travel. I could see and hear my instructor clearly, I could repeat any topic with a point and click of my mouse, I could take a break on “my” schedule, and I was able to learn what I needed to learn.  — Pam Mullinax, Director of Compliance, HSI Management, Inc., Atlanta, GA

  • No Lost Time from Work and Family! You are busy! Very busy and can’t afford to be gone for an entire day or more attending a training. Yes, of course it is important, but the reality is there is no one to cover for you! Now, you can have that proverbial cake and eat it too! Get the training you need to do your job right without the lost time from the job or your family!

I have been waiting for the opportunity to continue my education, but due to work and family commitments I have been unable to travel to the classes offered close to me, that is why I am elated at the thought of being able to do these classes online. You have out-done yourself Elizabeth. —  Tondi Cisneros, Hyder and Company, Palm Springs, CA

  • Learn At Your Own Pace! No more learning at the pace of the group or the instructor! If you are new to the material… go slow. Review the information until you have got it. If you have experience… go quicker through the information you already have mastered and move on to the materials you have yet to conquer. Oh and yeah… take a bathroom break at YOUR CONVENIENCE!

Being able to take these classes AT MY PACE has been appreciated. It has been much more preferable than leaving the site for days. Elizabeth Moreland is doing a fantastic job of training – she does not rush and the individual slides are short, therefore, she is not throwing out too much information at once. — Marla Daniels, Simpson Property Group, Las Vegas, NV

  • No More Annoying Classmates Talking While You Are Trying To Learn! Need I say more?

I thought it was really informative and kept my attention without interruptions from other attendees giving their experiences. This is the only complaint I have on the classes in person. Too many people wanting to share their stories. — Yvonne Turner, ConAm Management, Plano, TX

  • Be In Complete Control! Now there is a concept, aye?!? Be in control of what you learn, how fast you learn it and when you learn it. All the courses in the Online Course Catalog are broken into topics so if you have already mastered a concept or see a subject that doesn’t pertain to your specific property… you can skip the course. Take only what you need! You are in control!!!

The online training has provided my staff with a convenient, cost effective training venue.  There is no traveling; they can do the coursework at their own speed and best of all it is a comprehensive course that keeps simple a convoluted program. — Beth Janney, Wilder Richmond Management Corporation, Senior Regional Manager, Northeast, Greenwich , CT


  • Raise Your Earning Potential! Fast-track your learning, your success and your earning potential by taking the courses you need NOW not when the next public workshop comes to your area or when the company can afford to send you!

When our company first signed up for the Housing Credit Training Center , I was not too sure I would have the time to use it.  However, after I started my first course, I knew, not only was it far easier to use than I ever imagined, you can stop at any time and resume when you can, which is great in this crazy business we work in.  The online training is so easy I received my SCS in just a few weeks.  I highly recommend it not only for the corporate level, but also at a site level.  It is much easier to jump on a computer than to go to an off-site seminar! — Debby Nichols, CAM, SCS, Cambridge Management Services, Inc.

  • Receive the Same Great Training Elizabeth Moreland Consulting, Inc. Has Become Famous For! All the courses at the Housing Credit Training Center are similar in content and style as the incredible public trainings offered across the country with Elizabeth explaining the concepts in her unique style that really drives the point home and allows you to learn with confidence and complete understanding!

I just took your classes over the internet. They are as fantastic as your live courses!! I know the people in our company who are going to take these in the next few months will really benefit. Thank you! — Lisa Rosenmeyer, NCP-E, HCCP, C7P, SCS, Compliance Supervisor, Professional Property Management

  • Reduce Your Risk of Noncompliance! Reduce your exposure to noncompliance by getting you and your staff the training they need NOW not when a public seminar is coming to your area or when the budget dollars are available. With this convenient and affordable means of training you don’t have to hope and pray you are following the rules, you can learn NOW what you need to know to avoid the risk and the sleepless nights!

You have made my job of maintaining staff training so much easier. These courses are as great as attending your courses in person. But now, because of the convenience of being able to take these classes when they are most needed instead of when they are most available, they are even a more valuable asset for management. — Anita Hall, Lloyd Management, Inc., Mankato, MN

  • Ascertain Quickly if Your New Hires Have What It Takes! No more waiting to get your new hires trained until you determine if they will work out. Instead, train them immediately starting out with courses that will help you ascertain quickly if they have what it takes to be in this job!

The Housing Credit Training Center is a very valuable resource. With 24/7 availability, it allows us the opportunity to immediately train our new hires without having to wait for a scheduled training. — Gina Metzger, Director of Compliance, Fairfield Properties, LP

  • Get Immediate Acknowledgement On Whether You Are Grasping the Material! With the Online learning, you can get immediate feedback as to whether you are understanding the rules presented in the course. Each course has quizzes after each section, all with immediate feedback as to how you performed. No more waiting weeks to find out how you did.

I knew nothing about Tax Credit and was very intimidated by it but now after going through these courses and taking the quizzes I have more confidence and believe that I can actually do it! — Kim Wolcott, Sonoma Ridge at Bennett Valley, Santa Rosa, CA

  • Track Your Staff’s Progress! Ever send a staff person to a training and wonder if they really attended or if they paid attention, let alone learned what they needed to know? With the Housing Credit Training Center, you can track the progress of each staff person including what courses they have taken, their test scores, and the length of time it took to complete individual courses. And you can have the confidence in knowing that to complete a course, the person has to complete each section and pass a quiz before moving on. So now you can be sure they learned the material and paid attention or ascertain the problem areas that need to be worked on.

I want to take a moment from our busy schedules to let you know how thrilled I am with your training website and your courses! I have had many ‘kudos’ sent to me from our employees! By the way – we have all new Senior Management here at Mercy and they love your product and its tracking ability! Thank you very much! — Donna L Saunders, Training Director, Mercy Services

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