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Compliance training 24 hours a day…
7 days a week… 365 days a year!

(Yep even holidays if you are so inclined.)

Not everyone can get to a live workshop. Travel is expensive and often needed IMMEDIATELY. This is especially true for new hires or when you need to learn a compliance rule fast. Through our Housing Credit Training Center, we deliver the only comprehensive online Tax Credit compliance training in the multifamily industry that is available online 24 hours a day… 7 days a week… 365 days a year. No more waiting for a training to come to a “city near year”. No more risking placing new staff on site with minimal training. Now you can get the training you need when you want and need it!

“I find it very difficult to get the time to travel to take a course. I’m very happy to have found this so that I can take courses in my own time no matter where I am. As well, I found the instructor pleasant.” Beverly Blaul, Regional Manager, O’Malley’s Property Mgmt., Alva, OK

“This is great. Easy, convenient, fast….and we won’t be paying for mileage or hotel costs!” Teri Hoerntlein, Southern California Housing, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Facts About the Online Courses

Elizabeth Moreland personally designed each course using her 20+ years of experience training thousands of industry professionals across the country and her renowned ability to break down even the toughest program rules and explain them in a way that anyone can understand!

Plus… it is really her teaching these courses… no radio voice over announcers or actors who dispassionately read the information! This means the courses are easy to understand and match the quality of Elizabeth’s public workshops as they are taught…

  • In the same straightforward, plain-English style;
  • Are chock full of her real-life stories and experiences she shares to help drive the point home; and
  • Contain multiple teaching techniques so the students are not just relying on hearing the instruction but are also visualizing through the use of animated illustrations just as if they were sitting in one of her public workshops and she was doing examples on the flip chart!

Elizabeth is passionate about this stuff! She displays the same enthusiasm from her public workshops in her online courses! And because Elizabeth has been training this information for over 20 years, she easily anticipates the questions the student is thinking on each topic and shares the answers as part of the instruction just as if the student asked her the question in a live training! Plus, each student can email her questions directly and she will answer each and every one of them personally!

Perfect for Continuing Education

All of our courses are approved by the State Monitoring Agencies across the nation and can be used for continuing education for all the major industry designations including…

  • Our NCP and NCP-E,
  • the Home Builder’s HCCP,
  • Spectrum Seminar’s C3P,
  • NAHMA’s SHCM ,
  • NCHM’s TCC, and
  • Quadel’s TaCCs.

Our Course Catalog currently includes…

  • The Compliance Assessment
  • Fair Housing 101: A Fair Housing Primer (6 CEUs)
  • Housing Credits 101: Compliance Basics (3 CEUs)
  • Housing Credits 103: Income & Assets (4 CEUs)
  • Housing Credits 204: Unique Program Rules (4 CEUs)
  • Housing Credits 205: Income Limits, Rents & Utility Allowances (3 CEUs)
  • Housing Credits 245: Site Compliance Specialist (9 CEUs)
  • Housing Credits 300: Compliance Basics for INDIANA Properties (4 CEUs)
  • Housing Credits 300: Compliance Basics for IOWA Properties (4 CEUs)
  • Housing Credits 300: Compliance Basics for KANSAS Properties (4 CEUs)
  • Housing Credits 445: National Compliance Professional (22 CEUs)
  • Housing Credits 505: Final 8823 Guide… Review and Analysis (3 CEUs)
  • Housing Credits 510: Update & Review of the Full-Time Student Rule (4 CEUs)
  • Housing Credits 515: Final Utility Allowance Regulations (4 CEUs)
  • Housing Credits 520: Understanding & Implementing H.R. 3221 (4 CEUs)
  • Housing Credits 525: Understanding the Average Income Test (3 CEUs)
  • Housing Credits 530: Acquisition/Rehab Rent-Ups (6 CEUs)
  • 2017 Continuing Education: Discussing the Industry’s Latest News & Hottest Issues
  • Site Compliance PRACTICE Exam
  • National Compliance PRACTICE Exam
  • The Site Compliance Exam
  • The National Compliance Exam
  • The NCP Professional Development Center
  • The Compliance Monitor Article Archive
  • What’s Next… How to Get Tax Credit Certified
  • What’s Next… How to Earn Your Advanced Compliance Designation

“WOW! I just finished 3 classes in about 24 hours… it was extremely helpful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I now have a much better understanding of the process and the confidence to get my job done correctly.” Kathryn Davis, John Stewart Co., Sacramento, CA

“Excellent material, very user-friendly and with my busy schedule, it allows me to take the course whenever I want even while I am traveling.” Charles Robinson, Regional Manager, Virtu Property Management, Tacoma, WA

“This is just what we need… the ability to either learn what we need to be successful in this industry or for some to continue their tax credit training. Two thumbs up Elizabeth…ingenious!” Tondi Cisneros, Hyder and Company, Palm Springs, CA

“I knew nothing about Tax Credit and was very intimidated by it but now after going through these courses and taking the quizzes I have more confidence and believe that I can actually do it!” Kim Wolcott, Sonoma Ridge at Bennett Valley, Santa Rosa, CA

8 Reasons the Housing Credit Training Center is a Dream Come True for Supervisors
  • The courses are immediately available! 24 hours a day, 7 days… heck they are even available on the holidays. All you need is a computer or device with high-speed internet access. Perfect for new hires or when you need to learn about a subject fast! No waiting for a live event to come to town or traveling to one… just convenient information when you need it and want it!
  • The courses are delivered in an engaging way! All too often online training is tedious or hard to pay attention to. But with these courses, the information taught is illustrated and driven home using lots of real life stories and examples just like you would hear if you were sitting in one of Elizabeth’s live events. Also, because of her extensive experience in training this information, I know the questions you are likely to have while learning and will answer them just as if you asked it at a live workshop, but have also made it easy for you to contact me personally if you do have something you want to discuss further. This makes it so much easier to watch & pay attention!
  • The course offerings are substantial!! The Housing Credit Training Center courses cover both fundamentals and advanced topics with new courses added regularly. They can be taken separately to focus on a specific compliance area OR grouped together for a comprehensive understanding of the compliance & management rules. They also include a series of “500” level courses which are specifically designed and added regularly to help keep you informed of the latest program changes. Our goal is to give you access to our full array of trainings to help you master both site compliance and advanced compliance issues. Take them all or pick and choose what is right for you!
  • There are lots of options for taking the courses! Pick and choose individual course or courses you want to take or opt for our Site Course Package Plan which is a set of courses designed specifically to help you master the site compliance rules. And finally, we offer our Unlimited Training Subscription which provides an entire company access to ALL of our core courses for an UNLIMITED number of employees for an ENTIRE YEAR. And because we understand that it can be confusing knowing which classes to take or where to start, Elizabeth has created a special tool that will assess your current compliance knowledge. By taking the Compliance Assessment, you can discover whether your knowledge is current & comprehensive enough to meet the industry’s proficiency standards, and if not, determine exactly which classes you need to take so you hone right in on what you need. This is also a handy tool for supervisors, whether hiring new employees or trying to figure out your existing staff’s training needs, you can quickly determine exactly what, if any, training is needed.
  • All of our courses are approved for continuing education credits by each State Monitoring Agency as well as each of the major compliance designations including our National Compliance Professional (NCP & NCP-Executive), the Home Builder’s HCCP, Spectrum’s C3P, and NAHMA’s SHCM. And when you complete a course, the amount of continuing education credits you have earned will be written right on the Certificate of Completion.
  • All of the courses are designed so the student will actually learn the material rather than just mindlessly view the courses. This is accomplished through proper sequencing of the information which prevents skipping around & missing valuable information, breaking the courses down into multiple sections allowing the viewer to learn in manageable chunks, the ability to stop & start as needed and bookmarking where you left off for easy return, and requiring the completion of a quiz after each section that must be passed before moving on. Quite simply, your staff has TO PAY ATTENTION to complete the courser. You can’t guarantee the same when sending them to a public workshop because for all you know the people you are sending are sleeping in the back of the room, goofing off or skipping out early. We get how important it is to have this information learned which is why Elizabeth designed the courses this way.
  • The opportunity for taking the course is not lost due to sick days, emergencies or a change in your workload! There is nothing more frustrating to have an educational opportunity lost due to these unforeseen circumstances; especially if you have waited for such a training to come to town for months. After signing up for a Housing Credit Training Center course, you are given ample time to complete it. You can stop and start as needed always being returned to where you left off when you come back. Plus we have no problem granting extensions if your course expires before you have the opportunity to finish it. So if emergencies, illnesses or workload changes occur, you don’t lose the ability to take the training.
  • You can earn multiple designations from the comfort of your own computer! Besides providing great education, we recognize all of the hard work you put into earning it! In fact, we believe in this so much Elizabeth has designed a way for you to earn 3 industry accolades in one fell swoop! By taking the 5 courses contained in the Site Course Package Plan you are eligible to receive your Compliance Diploma, your Site Compliance Specialist (SCS) designation and your National Compliance Professional (NCP) designation. This, quite frankly, is the secret to you & your company’s success as State Agencies and investors want… even demand… an educated team!
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