NCP Mission Statement

The Tax Credit Program is tough on its professionals!

Partly because it is still such a new housing program and partly because there are so many gray areas that result in numerous interpretations. But truthfully, the main reason it is so tough is the rules are just downright complex!! The pressure on Tax Credit professionals, especially property managers, on-site personnel and compliance specialists, is enormous. Everyone is scrutinizing your work! The chances for noncompliance lurk at every corner!! And the ramifications for noncompliance are expensive… really, really expensive.

Hello, this is Elizabeth Moreland, founder/administrator of the NCP designation and NCP Membership Group. I don’t mean to frighten you… especially if this is your first exposure to the program.

The program is great… REALLY! But it can have a dark side too! Especially for those who enter it for the first time blind or without resources.

If you are going to survive in this dog-eat-dog world of Tax Credit compliance, you need to have…

  • the best possible resources for information,
  • a continuing funnel of information and ideas coming to you,
  • a group of peers you can rely to discuss difficult situations, and
  • someone in your corner that understands the difficulties in managing a Tax Credit property!

That is the very reason we started the 
National Compliance Professional designation 
and its NCP Membership Group!

One of the biggest complaints I hear from Tax Credit managers and compliance specialists is that they just don’t have the information. If someone would just tell them that new rules are out or that there is an easier way of doing things… THEY WOULD DO IT!! But that is one of the biggest problems with the Tax Credit Program. There is no regular funnel of information from the IRS and the State Agencies to the people in the trenches!

The really frustrating thing is you can’t plead ignorance. Compliance tends to have a “guilty before innocent” attitude or an “Oh well, you should have known” feeling. Fortunately, I believe that attitude and feeling will eventually change, but you can’t wait. You need protection today! You need information now! Information you can count on given on a continual basis and that is usable!! The last thing you need is someone to send you raw Tax Code or the latest regulations written in infamous bureaucratic legalese! You need information that is concise, in plain English and then tells you how to implement in a realistic, management-based manner!

So where do you get this information…

The National Compliance Professional designation
and its NCP Membership Group!!!

Find out what hundreds of Tax Credit Professionals already know…

It Pays to Be NCP!™

It’s true! It really does pay to be NCP! And currently, over 500 Housing Credit professionals have already discovered this for themselves and joined the beneficial NCP Membership Group. From a continuous stream of information, news and insights to substantial discounts on trainings and products to incredible networking opportunities, one has to ask…

Why isn’t everyone NCP??

Elizabeth L. Moreland, NCP-Executive
Founder & Administrator of National Compliance Professional Membership Group

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