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In January 2000, Elizabeth Moreland Consulting, Inc. introduced a new Low Income Housing Tax Credit designation to the industry called the National Compliance Professional (NCP). Created to provide industry professionals an opportunity to prove their dedication &  knowledge in program compliance. The designation includes a nationally recognized compliance certification and membership into the NCP Membership Group.

“I think this designation is very important to all people involved in the Housing Credit Program. I recommend it to all my managers; it shows that someone is certified to administer the program and has a constant stream of reliable information at their fingertips.” Richard Kropa, NCP-E, NDC Real Estate Management, Inc. Scranton, PA

When asked why she created another industry compliance designation despite the fact their were others available, Elizabeth Moreland, President of Elizabeth Moreland Consulting, Inc. stated: “It was time our industry and the people in the trenches had a designation and Membership Group that was affordable and actually assisted them in the monumental task of maintaining compliance.” 

What really, truly is important for success to those of us in the trenches is…

  • Information & constant communication with other individuals who understand what we do!
  • The ability to network with our peers to learn new techniques, hear new ideas and share our successes & failures!!
  • And the opportunity to get the things we need like training as well as tools that will help us get the job done quickly & easily at a price that our properties can afford!!!

and that is exactly what you get as a member of the NCP Membership Group!

Today, the NCP Membership Group is comprised of over 500 industry professional across the nation! Dedicated to the pursuit of affordable housing compliance and strong operations of their properties, these professionals find “It Pays To Be NCP”™ because of the continuous support; stream of information, news and insights; substantial discounts on trainings and products; and incredible networking opportunities.

“I am very glad that you have chosen to do this. I and my managers need the “hands-on” practical day-to-day information, training and experience that you provide. Our obligation is to keep the projects in compliance… the NCP Membership Group makes that easier to do!” Theresa Feely, NCP, Coburn & Feely Property Management, Inc., Burlington, VT

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Kris Vodraska, NCP-E, Community Housing Initiatives, Inc., Spencer, IA

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Besides reaping these benefits daily, many directly attest their affiliation with National Compliance Professional designation and membership group resulted in promotions and improved job opportunities!!

“First I would like to thank Elizabeth for sharing her extensive knowledge of the LIHC Program with all of us. It was hard work, but having the NCP designation has opened many doors for me. Not only do I have those letters after my name, I have the knowledge that goes with them. I guarantee it is worth the work to earn the designation and join the group. I now have a position with a company, doing exactly what I want to be doing at this point in my career. I owe a great portion of credit to Elizabeth and her NCP. Many Thanks!” Denise M. Smith, NCP-E, National Equity Fund, Los Angeles, CA

“Since I attended the week-long Housing Credit College, achieved my Diploma and the NCP-Executive designation, I now have a new position. I will be the Director of Compliance for Real Property Services based in Las Vegas. Thanks to all of your great training and NCP designation!!” Roberta Barragan, NCP-E, Real Property Services, Las Vegas, NV

“I wanted to share with you that I was promoted to Vice President a few months ago. I consider the training and NCP designation I have received with you to be invaluable to my career and I wanted to thank you. With this new position I am able to have more of an impact on our Housing Credit Program and the direction it is taking. Thanks again for your efforts in the world of Housing Credit – you’re the best!” Cindy Latu, NCP, California Real Estate Management, San Jose, CA

The NCP Membership Group is the fastest growing
compliance group for 4 simple reasons:

1.) It delivers information where & when you need it at a price you can afford!
  • FREE Industry Update email blasts keeping you abreast of all the changes happening whether on the Hill, at the IRS, in your State or with the NCP Membership Group itself. Without a constant influx of information, you can’t successfully run your properties and ensure compliance. However, we won’t bog you down with useless information… we will weed through the piles of information and pare it down to the items of real importance to you! And when we communicate to you, it will be in short, concise writing as we know you don’t have time to read pages and pages. You need to get right to the heart of the matter! Also, if the news item we are reporting is about a new regulation, we will read it for you and translate it so you don’t have to read through miles of gobbledygook! (Now of course, if that is what you like to do, we do also give you the actual regulations so you have them for yourself.)
  • Invitation to our Annual National Compliance Professional Conference! This is an event you won’t want to miss as it is a Housing Conference with a difference! Not hours and hours of panel sessions, but rather dedicated short track trainings that give ample time to learn about an issue, discuss the issue and hear from others in the industry on how they are handling the issue! Plus loads of networking opportunities.
  • SPECIAL DISCOUNTS off all Elizabeth Moreland Consulting, Inc. workshops and most products and SUBSTANTIAL DISCOUNTS on our Annual NCP Conference… as much as $500 off the regular registration price.
2.) It is Easy to Join! 
  • All you have to do is complete a simple 1-page Membership Application indicating how you meet the 2 membership requirements – Education and an Experience.
3.) Membership is Open to Anyone! 
  • We understand that some industry professionals have a great deal of experience and others are new to the industry and just learning. We all – novices and veterans alike – need a strong support group in this tough, responsibility-laden field. So even if you haven’t met the Education and Experience Requirement you can join! Just select the proper level that indicates your experience & expertise level…
    • NCP-Candidate is the level for new professionals that have not yet met the Educational and/or the Experience Requirement.
    • NCP is the level for those of you who have met the Education and Experience Requirement.
    • NCP-Executive is the level for career professionals that have achieved multiple Educational Requirements, specifically earning 22 CEUs earning your Compliance Diploma and passing one of the major compliance exams (either the National Compliance Exam, C3P or HCCP test). This is the hallmark industry designation and the one serious, career-minded, dedicated industry professionals strive to become.
4.) Best of All… It’s Affordable! 
  • The National Compliance Professional and its NCP Membership Group are the most affordable designation & membership group in the industry!

Only $199 per year!

  • In fact, if you add up all the time it would take you to reproduce the incredible amounts of information, networking opportunities and discounts you get as an NCP, you will have paid for the Membership a 100 times over!!

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