Attendees RAVE about Elizabeth and her courses…

Money well spent to further your tax credit knowledge! Cynthia Byers, Sr. Property Manager, Garrettland, Oakland, MD

The seminars are always helpful and great for refreshers! Kristina Gronbach, Property Manager, Banner Property Management, Reynoldsburg, OH

I was introduced to tax credits in 1994 and never have I felt more qualified to discuss them as I do now that I have taken Elizabeth’s courses. Janice Woods, Subsidy Administrator, Associated Estates, Richmond, OH

“If you did not know anything about the tax credit program, and you take Elizabeth Moreland’s classes, you will walk out knowing almost everything about the program!” Darlene Goodell, Regional Accounting Coordinator, Metric Property Management, Laguna Niguel, CA

“I know understand what I have gotten into! Thank you!!” Barbara Cloutir, Property Manager, Fairfield, Germantown, MD

“Understanding is the key! These classes take all of the confusion out of tax credits.” Tracy Mayhew, Property Management, Sterling Management, Battle Creek, MI

“Elizabeth, you did a great job explaining some difficult concepts!” Kim Stoter, President, Compliance Consultants, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“A dynamic program like Housing Credit requires a dynamic presentation. Elizabeth delivered just that!” Craig McDonald, Portfolio Manager, HBC Property Managers, Oceanside, CA

“A true “Masters Degree” program offered by an industry expert. I truly feel like I graduated to a new level of knowledge!” Rosalee Mollett, Occupancy/Compliance Specialist, Simpson Property Group, Denver, CO

“A detailed program made simple to understand and with style!” Diana Lee, Manager, Sterling Management, Chesterton, IN

“I feel like it is all coming together and I now could have a conversation with someone about tax credits and hold my own!” Carol Hansen, Manager, Whitewater Creek, Coeur D Alene, ID

“Outstanding!!” Janis Robinson, Manager, Murray Mgmt., Hereford, TX

“Elizabeth Moreland teaches you everything you wanted to know about Housing Credits but were afraid to ask!” Nancy Carr, Manager, Sterling Management, Shelbyville, IN

“These were very informative classes for new Section 42 properties.” Margaret Barba, Management, Housing Authority of North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV

“These courses have given me all of the necessary tools to start my new career as a leasing consultant in a tax credit property!” Eva Senior, Leasing Consultant, Sterling Management, Mishawaka, IN

“Great classes and great refreshers!” Carol Hansen, Manager, Whitewater Creek, Coeur d Alene, ID

“I got a lot of information and a lot of questions answered. Everything is a lot more clear!” Melissa Perkins, Leasing Agent, Sterling Management, Lafayette, IN

“If you want to do well in your job, take these courses!!” Gloria McClellan, Leasing Agent, Community Marketing and Management, Erie, PA

“I came into this training having had the job for only 6 days. I loved Elizabeth’s courses and feel much more prepared now!!” Rhonda Satterlee, KRH Property Manager, YWCA of Slat Lake City, Salt Lake City, UT

“This is the first tax credit class I have ever been involved with and everything discussed was pertinent to my communications with property owners and property management companies.” Chance B. Choate, Account Rep., Real Page, Inc., Dallas, TX

“Elizabeth’s classes are everything you need to know and more to help you stay in compliance with the special rules.” Scott Nelson, Affordable Housing Sales Engineering, RealPage, Carrollton, TX

“There is so many gray areas in tax credits. This seminar gets it back to black and white.” Melissa Kelley, The Housing Company, Boise, ID

“This is a seminar you simply cannot miss!” Kimberly Rowe, Associate Property Manager, Associated Estates, Cleveland, OH

“Once you have attended Elizabeth’s seminars, you will not consider any others!” Cynthia Leanos-Martinez, General Manager, Tenderloin Neighborhood Mgmt., San Francisco, CA

“This was one of the most organized seminars I have ever attended. The handbook spoke to everything that I do daily on my tax credit property. It was as if Elizabeth crawled into my head and delivered what I needed!” Donald Leeper, Community Manager, AF Evans, Sacramento, CA

“If you want to keep your job, you need to attend one of Elizabeth’s seminars or online classes!” DeVonne Gregory, Tax Credit Specialist, Woodland Meadows, Columbus, OH

“After you take these classes, your job will be so much easier. They will answer all of your questions!” Jessica Ponce, Tax Credit Compliance Processor, The Enclave, San Jose, CA

“These classes were very informative with a great instructor. Thanks!” Dottie Ellis, Supervisor/ Manager, Community Housing Services, Fullerton, CA

“I enjoyed your classes very much! It was a great learning opportunity and I enjoyed the experience!” Wendy Evans, Associate Property Manager, Associated Estates, Erie, PA

“All of my tax credit fears and anxieties have diminished since taking Elizabeth Moreland’s tax credit courses. Thanks!” Janice Woods, Subsidy Administrator, Associated Estates, Euclid, OH

“In light of my experience, I didn’t think I could learn anything about Fair Housing – I was wrong. You were informative and more knowledgeable than most!” Wesley Daniel, RPM, Simpson Property Management, Long Beach, CA

“Elizabeth gives you the confidence and knowledge you need to run your property smoothly.” Jody Cloyd, Resident Manager, Orchard Village, Orange Cove, CA

“This seminar was highly recommended to me and I will do the same because the information was that good!” Jan Nunes, Regional Property Manager, American Baptist Home of the West, Pleasanton, CA

“Elizabeth is a true Compliance Queen! I learned more in one week than I ever could have imagined!” Connie Bartlett, Site Manager, Boise Neighborhood, Housing, Boise, ID

“Elizabeth Moreland Consulting’s classes are a must for anyone who doesn’t have a clue what tax credit means!” Janice Woods, Subsidy Administrator, Associated Estates, Cleveland, OH

“A MUST for all managers!” Cynthia Byers, Sr. Property Manager, Garrettland, Oakland, MD

“Elizabeth’s tax credit certification is a must for all property managers before they have their first tenant.” Brian Dold, Property Supervisor, Tenderloin Neighborhood Development, San Francisco, CA

“A must for new employees in the tax credit world!” Sue Sanders, Property Manager, Garrettland, Oakland, CA

“An excellent eye opener to first time tax credit managers.” Sherri Campanale, Property Manager, Housing Authority of North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV

“It is only fair to all to let you know that Elizabeth’s classes are GREAT!” Kimberly Rowe, Associate Property Manager, Associated Estates, Sharon, PA

“Great content! A must for all tax credit property managers!” Brenda Barnes, Property Manager, Northern Nevada Community Housing, Reno, NV

“I enjoy coming to Elizabeth’s trainings. I feel so much better about managing tax credit properties after I take one of her courses!” Sheryl Hershman, Property Manager, Garrettland, Inc., Oakland, MD

“I’m glad I came because I was able to renew my knowledge especially after HUD’s new revisions.” Toni Crenshaw, Property Manager, Community Marketing and Management, Erie, PA

“If this is you first time with tax credits, Elizabeth Moreland’s classes will make you comfortable. If Elizabeth Moreland can’t help, then no one ever will!” Jennifer Wheeler, Property Manager, EBALDC, Oakland, CA

“Elizabeth’s classes are a must for tax credit property managers!” Kay Hess, Property Manager, Northwest Pointe, Boise, ID

“I always leave Elizabeth’s seminars with a clear sense of how the tax credit program works.” Susan Mills, Administrator, The John Stewart Company, Sacramento, CA

“Being brand new to property management, Elizabeth’s courses are very informative and much-needed to help understand the job you are performing. It fine-tuned what I’ve learned sporadically. Thank you for all the clarifications! The knowledge that Elizabeth possesses and her eagerness to share the information is what impresses me the most and why I love her courses so much. I love how personable and approachable she is  I can’t say it enough… SHE IS GREAT!” Stacey Gray, Community Manager, AF Evans, Sacramento, CA

“Oh my… Elizabeth’s courses are a must for all tax credit managers!” Karen Morris, Property Manager, Sterling Management, Jackson, MI

“I feel like this class has changed my life forever!” Pamela Ducket, Asst. Property Manager, Woodland Meadows, Columbus, OH

“I look forward to furthering my profession with Elizabeth Moreland’s classes!” Cynthia Leanos-Martinex, General Manager, Tenderloin Neighborhood Management, San Francisco, CA

“If you have been in the tax credit business for years, Moreland’s seminars will keep you refreshed!” Alica Valderrama, General Manager, Investec, Oxnard, CA

“With no prior knowledge or experience coming into this seminar, I felt very comfortable with the subject matter upon the end of the session. Thanks!” Star Darling, Fiscal Officer, Project Woman, Springfield, OH

“The course materials are excellent and Elizabeth’s examples were a perfect way to get me to understand the rules.” Suzanne Milch, Director of Training and Marketing, Sterling Management, Mishawaka, IN

“ I have been in this program for 10 years, yet after attending one of Elizabeth Moreland’s seminars, I learn something new each time!” Anita VanMeeter, Director of Compliance, Sterling Management, Mishawaka, IN

“A sound foundation for those that are new to tax credits. A MUST for my staff!” Hilmon Sorey, Director, Tenderloin Neighborhood Mgmt., San Francisco, CA

“Elizabeth’s courses are a must-have that need to be absorbed!” Vincent Vo, Property Manager, EBALDC, Oakland, CA

“This seminar tied a lot of gray areas together and refreshed me on the tax credit housing rules.” Rebecca Spicer, Compliance Specialist, Sterling Management, Mishawaka, IN

“This seminar was clear, concise and objectives were met.” Nancy Kisela, Property Manager, Associated Estates, Cleveland, OH

“Great seminar! I’m kicking myself for not signing up for the whole week!” Greg Van Dunk, Community Manager, AF Evans, Sacramento, CA

“Elizabeth’s tax credit seminars are like a CPR course, you think you know it all but when you go, your senses get woken up and your batteries recharged.” Pamela Springer, Senior Asst. Manager, Arbor Crossings, Miskegon, MI

“All managers should take one or more of Elizabeth Moreland’s classes.” Victoria Dominguez, Asst. Manager, Westside Housing Organization, Kansas City, MO

“Elizabeth presented the material in a relaxed manner that encouraged feedback from the participants!” Tangie Taylor-Wilbert, Asst. Manager, AF Evans, Oakland, CA

“If you attend you will have a better understanding of the Housing Credit Program. If you have any questions, they will be answered.” Amanda Drake, Asst. Manager, Sterling Management, Port Huron, IN

“The information you leave with will help you perform your job better. The more knowledge, the better you do.” Darlene Stone, Asst. Manager, Banner Property Management, Reynoldsburg, OH

“This seminar was informative. Everything was gone over very well and very detailed and the case studies were extremely helpful.” Wendy Evans, Associate Property Manager, Associated Estates, Erie, PA

“This was my first seminar. I don’t know how I survived the first 3 years of working in this program. I think it was just luck. But not anymore. What an eye opener!” Cynthia Leanos-Martinez, General Manager, Tenderloin Neighborhood Development, San Francisco, CA

“Elizabeth Moreland’s classes definitely have prepared me to excel towards my next career goal in becoming a property manager with Forest City. Tax credit knowledge is essential for this goal!” Nathan Leible, Assistant Property Manager, Forest City, Los Angeles, CA

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