COVID-19 Changed My Plans

Since COVID-19 has had such a dramatic impact on our industry, Elizabeth Moreland Consulting, Inc. is keeping the doors open a bit longer. You may recall, I was slated to retire at the end of 2020, but in all honesty, I just can’t see my way clear in leaving right now.

Hello! I hope you are doing well despite all the craziness 2020 has brought. I know you haven’t heard from me for a while, but I wanted to fill you in on what is going on here at Elizabeth Moreland Consulting, Inc.

As you likely recall, I was set to retire at the end of this year BUT, just as it has affected so many others, COVID-19 has also affected me and my plans. In all honesty, leaving doesn’t feel like an option right now. There is just too much upheaval throughout our industry with no end in sight for the foreseeable future. Education and training are needed more than ever and with coronavirus still forcing physical distancing, online access to this is crucial. Also, the virus has caused us to need our fellow peers more than ever… to share information, ideas, tips and commiserate on what is happening in the trenches, with our state agencies and investors.

BOTTOMLINE: We need each other more than ever and
I can’t, in good conscience, sail off into the proverbial retirement-sunset just quite yet.

So, after much thought and discussion with my business partner & husband Jim, we have decided to…

  • Leave the doors open a bit longer,
  • Continue to provide online training & resources in this tough time,
  • Keep the NCP Membership Group & all of its benefits running, (we started the 2021 renewal campaign already… CLICK HERE to learn more),
  • Use the NCP Professional Development Center to communicate the inevitable changes, provide tips & techniques to help during this crazy time and supply tools such as forms, spreadsheets and the like to help you do the actual work needed.

AND… I am excited to say…       

  • Go forward and host a 2021 NCP Conference (we are hoping for a live event but will go virtual if we aren’t able to do so safely).

Our goal is to be the calm in the storm as we all deal with the aftermath of this virus and its continued effect on our properties, residents, applicants and families (ours and our customers) and the inevitable problems, frustrations and difficulties that will arise.

Now that we made the decision to keep our doors open, we have some regrouping to do. We are getting the ball rolling with 2021 NCP renewals. Soon we will tackle the Conference… nailing down the date & location.

As for me…

  • I will begin regularly sending out Industry Updates again and resume the Did You Know and Compliance Coach features.
  • I will also begin adding information to the NCP Professional Development Center and notify you when new items are posted via these updates. Subscribers to this advanced training forum will have access to the end of 2020 and possibly the end of 2021 if they purchase the add-on as part of renewing or joining the NCP Membership Group.
  • I will also tackle updating the other online courses contained at the Housing Credit Training Center. As you may recall, earlier this year, I completed a major overhaul on all the courses, practice exam and actual Site Compliance Exam contained in the Site Course Package Plan. Next I will be tackling Housing Credits 205: Income Limits, Rents, and Utility Allowances, Housing Credits 530: Acquisition Rehab Rent Ups. Shortly thereafter, I will add new courses tackling blended properties and VAWA.

As for Bobbi…

  • She is still working from home, as she has been since March, and I expect her to continue to do so.
  • Once we get the conference date & location, she will begin registration and, of course,
  • She will be processing the submitted NCP renewals and new memberships, and, as always,
  • She will be holding down the day-to-day fort and continue handling the Housing Credit Training Center’s administration.

Guess you can’t get rid of me after all!!
Here is to a great & productive 2021!!

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