Final NCP Board of Advisors Announced

As I write this I find myself a little sad, yet excited. You see, today, I am announcing our new and FINAL NCP Board of Advisors which means the members that have served on my Board for the past several years are stepping down.

I have worked with this group of Board members for years. Literally! I appreciate everything this group brought to the table… from their assistance in helping me produce numerous Annual Conferences to their help providing excellent service to all the members of the NCP Membership Group. I have grown very close to this group of people and truly consider them friends as well as colleagues! So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to…

  • Christine Bennett, Ohio Housing Finance Agency, Columbus OH
  • Scott Michael Dunn, Costello Compliance, Sioux Falls, SD
  • Myra Hinkle, Preservation Housing Management, LLC, Kansas City, MO
  • Maria Klause, McKinley, Inc., Indianapolis, IN
  • Randy Martin, Wytheville Redevelopment and Housing Authority, Wytheville VA
  • Gina Metzger, Fairfield Properties, L.P., San Diego, CA
  • Frank Potts, Alt Management Company, Fort Washington, PA
  • Matthew Rayburn, Indiana Housing & Community Development, Indianapolis, IN
  • Tina Squires, New Generations Management, Arcadia, IN
  • Connie Tolley, Meridian Group, Inc., Madison, WI
  • Lisa Troy, Arizona Department of Housing, Phoenix, AZ

Like our previous Board members, you will always be held in high-esteem for you dedication and commitment to helping make this the best compliance membership group in the affordable housing industry!

At the same time, I am thrilled to announce our new AND FINAL Advisory Board! For our final board, I have pulled from a group of very active past board membersā€¦

  • Scott Michael Dunn, Costello Compliance
  • Sharon Ivey, Concord/CED
  • Matt Rayburn, Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority
  • Carol Howard, Boston Capital
  • Mike Price, Travois
  • Missy Covington, Raymond James
  • Elizabeth Dziak, RBC Capital
  • Tina Pater, Banner Management
  • Bill Harris, Bill Harris Consulting
  • Gina Metzger, Fairfield Residential
  • Robin Thorne, RT Hawk

At this year’s NCP Conference I will honor both groups!

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