2018 Conference Agenda NOW Available

Drum roll please… the 2018 Conference Agenda is now available!! Finally! I know it may seem late in coming, but I wanted to craft an agenda that was timely and relative to the place we find ourselves within the industry. This meant waiting as long as I could so I could be sure to include the latest information and provide the most impactful content.

I think you will be pleased with the great line-up discussing everything from the…

  • Latest industry news to
  • Hot topics like the new income averaging minimum set-aside & resyndication to
  • Income calculation oddities like Uber/Lyft and Go-Fund Me/Kickstarter/PayPal to
  • An informative discussion with some of the most innovative industry professionals on how to set up an efficient & effective compliance shop.

But don’t let me convince you… simply look at the agenda for yourself!

Great speakers… great topics… great networking!!


Also, if you  haven’t registered…

You are going to want to get moving as, at this writing, we only have 13 seats remaining! We have talked to our hotel venue and we are able to have 130 attendees and may be able to squeeze in a few more if need be. Now, I understand that If you have never been to this event, that may seem like a relatively small number but the very nature of this conference is not your typical housing conference experienced in this industry. My goal is not to get as many people possible to this event rather my goal is to have an event that provides an environment where it is conducive to DISCUSSBRAINSTORM and TACKLE difficult issues in affordable housing as well as provide ample time for MEETING and NETWORKING with industry peers from around the country in an effort to allow you to build a strong support group available long after the conference ends. This means doing the opposite of what many expect… limiting the number of attendees.

Some of the initially offered discounts have expired but you can still register at a great price if you get your paid registration in by August 31, 2018. But please understand, if you don’t register soon, I can’t promise there will still be seats available.

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