REAC Implements New Mold Detection Procedures

REAC has instituted some changes to how it will be testing for mold and mildew. For a period of one year starting June 18, 2018, a select number of inspections will include the use of moisture meters and infrared technology in an effort to detect issues with moisture and mold before it becomes a health hazard and will be performed on properties throughout the country. The goal is to reduce the number of occurrences and the overall risk to residents, employees and the like.

As per the undated memo, HUD does not believe the integration of moisture meters and infrared cameras will slow down the inspection adding only minutes to the overall time. The memo indicates the data from these new tools will be recorded, analyzed and shared with owners but will not constitute a change in inspection protocol under which a deficiency must be observable for an inspector to record it. If moisture is detected but is not visible to the naked eye, it will not affect the score, however, the information will be shared in a proactive way with the goal of preventing mold only.

In reality, the inspections themselves are likely to be slowed and any moisture detection is likely to cause closer scrutinization and investigation. Due to this, you should consider having additional staff in the units when such tools are being implemented. This will be helpful as resident’s belongings may need to be moved if one of the new tools detects moisture. There will also be follow-up after the inspection to ensure all mold and mildew issues have been addressed including the request for verification of related repairs.

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