Are You Registered for the 2017 NCP Conference Yet?

There is still time to register for the 2017 National Compliance Professional or NCP Conference.

This is going to be another amazing event! Attendance is on the rise again this year as more and more people hear about what an incredible conference it is and finally get an opportunity to attend themselves. I know a lot of this has to do with the fact that my NCP Advisory Board and I work so hard to make this conference DIFFERENT from the numerous other industry events. Every year our goal is to provide a unique experience by tackling meaty issues, providing real solutions, and giving the attendees an abundance of discussion as well as networking time. Not something you find in most industry conferences. If you yourself haven’t been, come check us out and see what I mean. You are going to love it… but most of all… BENEFIT from attending as you too experience what so many already have!

Now if you have been waiting for me to publish this year’s agenda before you register… THE AGENDA IS NOW AVAILABLE

Remember how I said we strive to make this conference unique? Well one way we do this is ensuring the information we provide is relevant and timely which means putting together an agenda months before the conference is counter-productive to this goal. We want to bring you the latest so we keep our thumb on what is happening in our industry… what the latest hot button issues are.

Elizabeth offers a fantastic guarantee!

I promise you will walk away with…

  • DOZENS of easy-to-implement ideas,
  • NUMEROUS solutions to your concerns, and a
  • NETWORK of peers that has your back!

And that you will…

  • LEARN the latest housing news & opinions,
  • CREATE lasting relationships, and
  • RE-CHARGE your batteries!

If you don’t receive what I promise…

I will refund your entire conference fee… registration, airfare and hotel!

There is nothing to lose BUT HONESTLY everything to gain as after 14 years of conducting this conference, I have NEVER had anyone take me up on this as we have always delivered exactly what we promised and then some!

Plus by not tying your registration to the release of the agenda, you can take advantage of the 2 discounts we currently have available until August 31, 2017. These discounts are significant and can save you as much as $325 off the regular price. Plus we have secured fantastic rates at the conference hotel.

To get all the details and to register, CLICK HERE.

2017 NCP Conference Sponsors

Consider Becoming a Conference Sponsor

This is our 14th annual compliance & management focused conference. Every year, the audience is filled with their company’s decision-makers attending to find solutions to their compliance & management problems and are constantly on the search for tools & services that will help streamline their operations. This is the perfect opportunity to show what your company has to offer in a relaxed atmosphere that allows you to get to know your potential customers and their wants/needs.

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