NCP Renewal

Still Time to Renew…
If you are a member of the NCP Membership Group… whether as an NCP-Candidate, NCP, or NCP-Executive… your membership expired on December 31, 2015 unless you submitted your renewal. If you haven’t taken care of it yet, don’t worry… there is still time! Trust me, I completely understand that year-end and the holiday season can be a time killer putting you way behind. Next thing you know it is the beginning of the year and you are off and running with a whole new set of “to-dos”. It is easy for things like your NCP membership renewal to fall between the cracks. So even though your membership has expired, I will give you extra time. I am fully aware that it isn’t your fault this happened. Life… work… your responsibilities in the Housing Credit world… just got in your way.

CLICK HERE to renew now.

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